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Why You Need to Know How to Make A WordPress Website by Yourself

Have the idea of having your own website came up your mind? What put you off? Maybe because you do not have an idea of HTML, or maybe because you do not want to pay someone to build it for you, or maybe you don’t think it’s worth paying. Whatever it was that pulled you back let me show what you missed and at the same time show you how to make a wordpress website in 2017.

You Didn’t Build a website.
If you are an entrepreneur, you do want to know what you are missing by not having a website because seriously you are losing a lot. Think about this, you offer a service to prospective client, then you set an appointment to complete a deal, but just before you go the appointment, your prospective client decide to look on your credibility on the web. You do not even exist! You just lose a deal! Nothing more. A website is important because it shows your credibility hence becoming one of the most important marketing tools any business can have. But the good news it doesn’t even cost you a lot to start one.

You don’t know about HTML coding.
You do not need to know anything about that; you don’t even need to hire a website designer and pay thousands of dollars for a very simple thing! Web designer are expensive so to say the good ones, for the cheap ones I wouldn’t like to argue about, because by the end of the day you won’t even understand what they are doing, and It will cost you more than the expensive ones. Either way, A designer is a business person, and when he sees you, he sees a business opportunity. So he will design your website in a way that you will never be able to make a change in your website, until you call them, and the worst thing is, they will charge you per hour for maintenance.
Personally I don’t think it’s important to hire anyone when you can build your own WordPress website for free! Maybe you would disagree with me, but you will agree with me that a website shows your ideas, your inner thoughts about what you are offering. Hiring someone else to portray your though will definitely not work out. He doesn’t think like you, and he doesn’t see what you see.

What Should I do To have My own WordPress website?
Having a web site requires two major things: one, know how to create an attractive website ( You can learn how to create one in just a few hours-three at most on online tutorials found on YouTube). Two, know how to set up a web hosting and register your own domain name. Luckily, these two things are at the same place. But you will have to pay just a small registration fee. The last time I did it was just $18 per domain.

If you need and want to know how to make a WordPress website in 2017, then you can check out this tutorial and simply save $ 3,000 to hire an agency. But as far as I have come to realize knowing how to edit and change your website is the most crucial thing for any website owner.