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The top ranked International School in Seoul

Seoul Scholars International (SSI) is an independent preparatory private academy that provides an environment where students can develop skills that help them become thoughtful and self-motivated leaders in their perspective academic fields. This international school in Seoul is located in Dachi-dong, Gangnam-gu. Seoul Scholars International offers top notch education for talented students between 8th grade and 12th grade. The independent academy was started to meet the aspirations of the many Korean students to study abroad as well as those with the zeal to explore academics at a higher level.

SSI goals and benefits.
The independent preparatory’s mission is to provide rigorous academic programs aimed at stimulating and challenging the young minds under their intellectual wing. Some benefits of SSI include:
1. SSI has experienced advisors, in the counseling department, that work closely with newly admitted students to determine the most appropriate study plan program to be used. This is to be able to provide each student with a personalized and effective learning process. The advisors keep a close eye on the students’ progress and help them achieve their academic objectives.
2. SSI aims at producing students that thrive on a heterogeneous academic set-up. This helps our students to be built to compete in the competitive global market.
3. SSI prepares well-rounded students. Students are exposed to basic skills (writing and reading) as well as other very important skills such as mastery in academic subjects, understanding social responsibility and critical thinking.
4. SSI, as an International school in Seoul, provides a cohesive and a mutually supportive academic environment that serves as a community model for students.
5. Having an instructor team of accomplished professionals, SSI is able to pilot and prepare students for their next academic career stages.
6. From the first day of admission, SSI helps to encourage discipline, independence, importance of time management and development of individual talents and interests.
7. Every summer, SSI provides an intensive summer program where students interact with each other and their instructors and counselors. This provides SSI students with a platform to learn from their betters and also build on teamwork.

Enrollment at SSI
SSI targets to select brilliant students that will positively contribute to the secondary education community. SSI also greatly values personal motivation, a curious mind and an impressive record of achievements both academic and in outdoor activities. Admissions are allowed before every semester and students looking for admission are encouraged to apply one semester before their preferred commencement date.

The 3 Step Admission Process is as follows:
1. Prospective students and their parents are required to fill out and submit an SSI application form. We value your privacy, therefore, no information received will be released to any other party.
2. Students that pass the application review process will be invited for a personal interview and an entrance exam. The students will be duly informed of the date of the interview and entry exam in good time. The entry exam will consist of Maths and English.
3. Students who take the entry exam and the interview will all be notified of the admission decision. Accepted students will be additional instructions to complete the admission process.
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