4 Mistakes to Avoid with your Circle Lens

circle lens 5If you have circle lens you need to ensure that you maintain them in the right way. This article offers you some of the mistakes you need to avoid with your lens.

Failing to disinfect them

Failure to disinfect your lenses after each wear makes bacterial to cling to the lens. This can lead to transfer of the bacteria to your eyes leading to scratches, abrasions or other eye health problems.

Failure to replace them

All types of lenses require to be replaced after sometimes. You should not wear the lenses for a very long time because they also get old and may not serve their purposes well. They will lose their glittering look, thus they may not you attain that look you have desired to have when wearing them. Make sure you know their expiry date, so that you can replace them when that date is over.

Sharing them with friendscircle lens 29

Just like other clothes you wear, circle lenses should not be shared with your friends. This may lead to spreading of diseases that may have detrimental effects to your eyes. They need to be considered as private at all times.

Using saliva to clean them

One of the greatest mistakes that many people make is to use saliva to clean their lenses. This may lead to infections and it is an unhygienic practice. Always use clean water or a certain liquid that is used for cleaning the lenses. When you are cleaning the lenses make sure that you clean your hands properly and clean using no scented bacterial soap. Maintaining high level hygiene is the most crucial thing when it comes to wearing of the circle lenses because your eyes are very sensitive to any contamination.

By avoiding the above mistakes your circle lens will last for long and serve you well.