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Essential Factors Needed in Creating an eCommerce Website for Beginner

An eCommerce website is required when you are planning to sell anything online. It is essential for any company to ensure a strong web presence that reflects their business to offer a usable, relevant and unique experience to their niche customer base.Before you create an eCommerce website for beginners, it is inevitable for any business unit to know the type of experience they intended to portray in the minds of their customers for the present and the future. That is, they should know who their potential customers are what and how they seek information to make their online purchases, etc., to offer a convenient shopping experience to the user. Given below are some of the key factors that are needed to create an eCommerce website for beginners.

Engaging the content: The images and the contexts that are displayed on the web page with an intention to portray the brand image in the minds of the viewers are said to be the content of the website. A detailed analysis of the tastes and preferences of the target market along with an in-depth research of the tools and techniques of the competitors to identify the do’s and don’t would be of great help in engaging the content to reach the niche with ease.

Compelling Advertisement: The critical goal of any advertisement campaign is to promote awareness in the target market about the product or services that are intended to be marketed. Likewise, in an eCommerce Website where the niche is distributed across the global frontiers, it is indispensable to have a quality graphics to have strong call-to-action via increased click through rate.

Flexibility: Since smartphone and tablets have started to rule the market, it is imperative on the part of the websites to afford their flexibility to adjust themselves to the screen sizes of different devices. Moreover, it has been reported that more than half of the online trade is being carried out through mobile gadgets which in turn initiates the demand of user-friendly Responsive Web Designs to cater to the needs of the big mass across the global markets.

Easy navigation: Websites that enable the beginners to navigate through the pages easily could alone induce them to read further for a better exposure to the content of the web page. Although PHP and CSS technology offers tools to create sophisticated navigation bars, the important factor that needs due consideration is that the web page should not freeze or slow to respond while displaying the inner content of the pages.

Quick Loading: Google has tracked and penalized several sites those have failed to offer better quality experience to the users. Therefore, the designers of the web need to check out that the loaded fonts, colours and the images do not consume the extra time of the beginners in loading in every phase of the development.

Social Media Integration: It has been reported through some research that over twenty per cent of the online purchases are being made after surfing through social media links such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They are said to be an ideal source for self-promotion though and offer their excellent assistance in identifying some of the most influential and active customers.Above mentioned are some of the factors need to be duly considered to create an eCommerce website for beginners which provide a better surfing experience to the beginners .

The top ranked International School in Seoul

Seoul Scholars International (SSI) is an independent preparatory private academy that provides an environment where students can develop skills that help them become thoughtful and self-motivated leaders in their perspective academic fields. This international school in Seoul is located in Dachi-dong, Gangnam-gu. Seoul Scholars International offers top notch education for talented students between 8th grade and 12th grade. The independent academy was started to meet the aspirations of the many Korean students to study abroad as well as those with the zeal to explore academics at a higher level.

SSI goals and benefits.
The independent preparatory’s mission is to provide rigorous academic programs aimed at stimulating and challenging the young minds under their intellectual wing. Some benefits of SSI include:
1. SSI has experienced advisors, in the counseling department, that work closely with newly admitted students to determine the most appropriate study plan program to be used. This is to be able to provide each student with a personalized and effective learning process. The advisors keep a close eye on the students’ progress and help them achieve their academic objectives.
2. SSI aims at producing students that thrive on a heterogeneous academic set-up. This helps our students to be built to compete in the competitive global market.
3. SSI prepares well-rounded students. Students are exposed to basic skills (writing and reading) as well as other very important skills such as mastery in academic subjects, understanding social responsibility and critical thinking.
4. SSI, as an International school in Seoul, provides a cohesive and a mutually supportive academic environment that serves as a community model for students.
5. Having an instructor team of accomplished professionals, SSI is able to pilot and prepare students for their next academic career stages.
6. From the first day of admission, SSI helps to encourage discipline, independence, importance of time management and development of individual talents and interests.
7. Every summer, SSI provides an intensive summer program where students interact with each other and their instructors and counselors. This provides SSI students with a platform to learn from their betters and also build on teamwork.

Enrollment at SSI
SSI targets to select brilliant students that will positively contribute to the secondary education community. SSI also greatly values personal motivation, a curious mind and an impressive record of achievements both academic and in outdoor activities. Admissions are allowed before every semester and students looking for admission are encouraged to apply one semester before their preferred commencement date.

The 3 Step Admission Process is as follows:
1. Prospective students and their parents are required to fill out and submit an SSI application form. We value your privacy, therefore, no information received will be released to any other party.
2. Students that pass the application review process will be invited for a personal interview and an entrance exam. The students will be duly informed of the date of the interview and entry exam in good time. The entry exam will consist of Maths and English.
3. Students who take the entry exam and the interview will all be notified of the admission decision. Accepted students will be additional instructions to complete the admission process.
For more information about Seoul Scholars International school in Seoul, visit their website at

Why You Need to Know How to Make A WordPress Website by Yourself

Have the idea of having your own website came up your mind? What put you off? Maybe because you do not have an idea of HTML, or maybe because you do not want to pay someone to build it for you, or maybe you don’t think it’s worth paying. Whatever it was that pulled you back let me show what you missed and at the same time show you how to make a wordpress website in 2017.

You Didn’t Build a website.
If you are an entrepreneur, you do want to know what you are missing by not having a website because seriously you are losing a lot. Think about this, you offer a service to prospective client, then you set an appointment to complete a deal, but just before you go the appointment, your prospective client decide to look on your credibility on the web. You do not even exist! You just lose a deal! Nothing more. A website is important because it shows your credibility hence becoming one of the most important marketing tools any business can have. But the good news it doesn’t even cost you a lot to start one.

You don’t know about HTML coding.
You do not need to know anything about that; you don’t even need to hire a website designer and pay thousands of dollars for a very simple thing! Web designer are expensive so to say the good ones, for the cheap ones I wouldn’t like to argue about, because by the end of the day you won’t even understand what they are doing, and It will cost you more than the expensive ones. Either way, A designer is a business person, and when he sees you, he sees a business opportunity. So he will design your website in a way that you will never be able to make a change in your website, until you call them, and the worst thing is, they will charge you per hour for maintenance.
Personally I don’t think it’s important to hire anyone when you can build your own WordPress website for free! Maybe you would disagree with me, but you will agree with me that a website shows your ideas, your inner thoughts about what you are offering. Hiring someone else to portray your though will definitely not work out. He doesn’t think like you, and he doesn’t see what you see.

What Should I do To have My own WordPress website?
Having a web site requires two major things: one, know how to create an attractive website ( You can learn how to create one in just a few hours-three at most on online tutorials found on YouTube). Two, know how to set up a web hosting and register your own domain name. Luckily, these two things are at the same place. But you will have to pay just a small registration fee. The last time I did it was just $18 per domain.

If you need and want to know how to make a WordPress website in 2017, then you can check out this tutorial and simply save $ 3,000 to hire an agency. But as far as I have come to realize knowing how to edit and change your website is the most crucial thing for any website owner.

Why selecting a professional Smash Repairs in Melbourne is important?

Selecting the best smash repair service plays a great role in getting high performance. Today, there are many smash repair services available across the Melbourne city. Finding the right service may not be an easy task for many people. Let’s see here some of the guaranteed services offered by the best smash repairs Melbourne. High quality service is a main factor considered while selecting a smash repair service.

smash repair

Professionals owned by company holds a prominent role in assuring good quality service. Best quality service is provided with a highly qualified team of professionals to meet the requirements of people. Warranty of service is another main factor that plays an important role in ensuring high quality service. To assure great result, feel free to select a service which assure high warranty. Immediate repair service is another main feature of smash repair service. Today, many of the services offer replacement vehicle during the time of repair work.
Time required for repair service generally varies from one vehicle to another. Damage of vehicle, efficiency of workers and quality of service are some of the main factors the decide the time required for repair service. Fast delivery of repaired vehicle is very important to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. Today, many people are choosing smash repairs by checking the number of positive likes and reviews from customers.
Warranty of repair service generally varies from one company to another. For example, most of the smash repair service assure a warranty time of three years to their members. Services offered by company generally varies from one group to another. Some of the common services provided by smash repairs Melbourne include panel beating, dent removal, body works and replacement vehicles. Apart from the above specified services, companies also provide other services like collision repairs and detailing as per the requirements of user.

smash repairs

Magnify the beauty of eye with Circle Lenses

The beauty of eyes is always associated with their size. Did you ever wish for your eyes to be larger than what they really are?. These circle lenses are designed just for you. Now beautify your eyes by wearing these lenses plus they are available in different colours sometimes weird like Violet and Pink. Who would have thought Lady Gaga’s eye wear in “Bad Romance” video would be so much hit with the youngsters and mid age lens
What are Circle Lenses? These are cosmetic contact lenses which have larger colouring’s diameter than normal than normal persons iris size. Wearing them can make your eyes to look larger. Generally available in diameter ranging from 14.0 mm to 16.8 mm they do the exact task as done by normal lenses.

How do they work? Normal colour lenses are coloured only in the iris area. These lenses are coloured not only in the area that cover the iris but also in the extra wide outer rim of the lens. This make the iris look bigger and wider than the normal iris thus creating the effect of a larger eye. You must be thinking now what about the central part and is it also coloured. The middle area is transparent and provides a clear view.
contact-lensesAre they costly? The cost of these lenses vary from 20$ to 30$ online and in local stores. So not at all costly and can be bought with normal budget. Various videos on YouTube are about how to buy these lenses and where. However if you are a US citizen do not try to buy these lenses without medical prescription as they are consider medical devices.
What are the risks of wearing these lenses? There are no risks if you are buying them by medical prescriptions by medical professionals. Otherwise they may not fit your eye properly and cause you eye problems. The main risk however lies in damaging of retinas which can lead to some serious eye injuries.
The beauty of these lenses is in giving the eyes childlike doe-eyed appearance. Starting their base with Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China Circle lenses are now very popular with young adults and teenagers all over the world. These lenses are considered as fashion accessories by many people. Go for these lenses if you have no problem wearing larger lenses.