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Magnify the beauty of eye with Circle Lenses

The beauty of eyes is always associated with their size. Did you ever wish for your eyes to be larger than what they really are?. These circle lenses are designed just for you. Now beautify your eyes by wearing these lenses plus they are available in different colours sometimes weird like Violet and Pink. Who would have thought Lady Gaga’s eye wear in “Bad Romance” video would be so much hit with the youngsters and mid age lens
What are Circle Lenses? These are cosmetic contact lenses which have larger colouring’s diameter than normal than normal persons iris size. Wearing them can make your eyes to look larger. Generally available in diameter ranging from 14.0 mm to 16.8 mm they do the exact task as done by normal lenses.

How do they work? Normal colour lenses are coloured only in the iris area. These lenses are coloured not only in the area that cover the iris but also in the extra wide outer rim of the lens. This make the iris look bigger and wider than the normal iris thus creating the effect of a larger eye. You must be thinking now what about the central part and is it also coloured. The middle area is transparent and provides a clear view.
contact-lensesAre they costly? The cost of these lenses vary from 20$ to 30$ online and in local stores. So not at all costly and can be bought with normal budget. Various videos on YouTube are about how to buy these lenses and where. However if you are a US citizen do not try to buy these lenses without medical prescription as they are consider medical devices.
What are the risks of wearing these lenses? There are no risks if you are buying them by medical prescriptions by medical professionals. Otherwise they may not fit your eye properly and cause you eye problems. The main risk however lies in damaging of retinas which can lead to some serious eye injuries.
The beauty of these lenses is in giving the eyes childlike doe-eyed appearance. Starting their base with Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China Circle lenses are now very popular with young adults and teenagers all over the world. These lenses are considered as fashion accessories by many people. Go for these lenses if you have no problem wearing larger lenses.

Choosing the Best Color Lenses

color lenses 17 Whether you have light or dark eyes, color lenses are a great option if you want to transform your boring looks into a more eye-catching one. These lenses are available in a wide variety of colors. It is essential to choose lenses which match your skin tone and eye color; if not, you may end up looking like an alien. Below are some tips to help you choose the best colored contact lenses. 

Types of Tints 

Colored lenses come in 3 kinds of tints. These include: 

i. Visibility tints: For visibility tints, a bit of green or blue is added to the lens so as to enhance one’s vision. This added color doesn’t affect the color of the eyes since it (the color) is light. 

ii. Opaque color tints: These are solely designed for people with brown eyes. They are available in a variety of colors so as to suit the eyes’ natural hue. 

iii. Enhancement tints: These are meant to preserve the eyes’ original hue, but instead brighten the appearance of the eyes. They are ideal for individuals with a lighter eye color. 
color lenses 10
Colored Lenses for People with Blue Eyes 
If you are bored of your looks and are seeking for some way to enhance them, try the opaque colored tints. Choose the green colored lenses if you are incredibly fair & have blond hair, in addition to having blue eyes. If you have a slight tan, you may either choose honey, hazel or brown. 

Colored Lenses for People with Dark Eyes 
The 3-vibrant colors for dark eyes include gray, brilliant blue and gemstone green. Light blue tint may also work well for dark brown eyes. 

Tinted Lenses for People with Astigmatism 
There are also colored contact lenses that are specifically designed for people who have this eye problem. However, they should always first seek for a prescription before buying and wearing the lenses as doing so might drastically alter their vision. These colored contacts are also designed to suit the individual’s eye color and skin tone. 

The most interesting thing about color lenses is that you can change them whenever you want to. Go to an optician near you and update your appearance with cool colored lenses.

4 Mistakes to Avoid with your Circle Lens

circle lens 5If you have circle lens you need to ensure that you maintain them in the right way. This article offers you some of the mistakes you need to avoid with your lens.

Failing to disinfect them

Failure to disinfect your lenses after each wear makes bacterial to cling to the lens. This can lead to transfer of the bacteria to your eyes leading to scratches, abrasions or other eye health problems.

Failure to replace them

All types of lenses require to be replaced after sometimes. You should not wear the lenses for a very long time because they also get old and may not serve their purposes well. They will lose their glittering look, thus they may not you attain that look you have desired to have when wearing them. Make sure you know their expiry date, so that you can replace them when that date is over.

Sharing them with friendscircle lens 29

Just like other clothes you wear, circle lenses should not be shared with your friends. This may lead to spreading of diseases that may have detrimental effects to your eyes. They need to be considered as private at all times.

Using saliva to clean them

One of the greatest mistakes that many people make is to use saliva to clean their lenses. This may lead to infections and it is an unhygienic practice. Always use clean water or a certain liquid that is used for cleaning the lenses. When you are cleaning the lenses make sure that you clean your hands properly and clean using no scented bacterial soap. Maintaining high level hygiene is the most crucial thing when it comes to wearing of the circle lenses because your eyes are very sensitive to any contamination.

By avoiding the above mistakes your circle lens will last for long and serve you well.