K-Kiosk : We Give Life to your Imaginations

With the burgeoning technology and shrinking time, most of the companies and organizations have replaced the manpower with kiosks. K-Kiosk is a prominent firm which was then emerged as a leader in technological services with respect to the manufacturing and design of Kiosk systems. The company works with the motto to appease customers by giving designs to their imaginations. K-Kiosk has grabbed the most arduous contract within three years at Osaka Station in Japan and installed a wide range of kiosk systems. Another key fact about the company is that it is exporting its products to various countries across the globe including Europe, Australia, Chile, Kenya, India, Brazil, and Russia.The company has launched partnership program to share the business with the ardent and desirous partners in the field of technology, manufacturing, planning, design and sale.

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As the company has achieved eminence in the field of designing and also registered as industrial design company in Korea Institute of Design Promotion under Ministry of Knowledge Economy, it provides a wide range of customized design services. If you need some special design kiosk for your project, the engineers will support you to bring light to your idea and discover it into the virtual kiosk. For proper work efficiency and kiosk maintenance, the company provides inspection service by professional engineers on regular intervals.

The company has floated several types of kiosk systems like standard kiosks under which it has started payment kiosks series, the payment system for hospital series, dual monitor series and I-pad tablet kiosk series. Industrial kiosks, digital kiosks, and photo kiosks are the major discoveries. Photo kiosk is quite interactive and user-friendly. You can easily take the photo and send it through MMS or email. It is also used as a marketing tool and digital guest book. With the installation of waterproof, dustproof and smart air circulation type outdoor kiosks, the more comfortable and economical way to outdoor self-service is ascertained for the customers. Metal keyboard and TV stand kiosks are the perfect examples of company’s advanced technology.

K-Kiosk is at the beck and calls to brighten up its clients with the best quality products with low cost and optimized design and carry through its mission in the global market.