SM INC – NBR Float Specialists

Your search for a role model company that values integrity should end with NBR Float. The strategic planning, customer relations, recruitment among other business aspects are guided by this virtue. The cultivated core values are motivated by the motto “customers’ success is ours”. There is continuous innovation, shareholder value creation and staff-centered management that lead to the best results.

The company deals with product in automotive industry, LPG industry and industries related to liquid sensing. The automotive associates are Aisan Industry in France, Taiwan Meiho and Wetake Motor from Taiwan, JNS Instruments and Indication Instruments in India, 4M Tech of Korea and the TI Automotive in Korea and Japan. The vehicle manufacturers include Honda Motor in Taiwan and India, Renault from France as well as by Samsung, Hyundai Motor of Korea, Tatamotors Ltd in India and the German Volks Wagen. Clients should note that motorcycles are included. In addition, LPG sector is enhanced by Korean Youngdo, Indian and Italian Tomasetto, Rotarex from Luxembourg, Vanaz Engineers in India, SCG of Thailand, Mexican and U.S.A based Rochester Gages and the Turkish Atiker, Aldesa, Mimgas and Vikars. The sales are accompanied with overfill prevention valves and fuel conversion kits. On the other hand, the liquid level sensing industry is well supported by Veeder Root, Rochester and Franklin Fueling System & INCON from USA. There is also the Swiss Weka, Fozmula in UK, Itdong Electronic of Korea and finally the German Elobau and Barksdale.

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The company organization has a well-defined structure headed by a CEO. The auditor and director are the second in demand followed by business and administration, production, quality assurance and R&D sections. The R&D section has a Chemical engineering department at Yonsei University thus research and development is a guarantee while the production control looks at 1st and 2nd forming,packing and general inspection.

Company history has been built progressively from 2006 where there was formation of paid-in capital formation, increased exports to UK, replacement of lab and production facility, business ID for manufacturing among others. 2007 saw the ISO 9001:2000 Taiwan certification, 2008 had Thailand export, 2009 led to USA quality approval by Federal-Mogul among other annual developments. The 2015 year had significant facility enhancement. Furthermore, the quality assurance is top notch with international certification such as ISO14001 Certification and ISO/TS 16949 Certification.